Falkner Island Tern Camera #1

Roseate Terns are now nesting in these nest boxes that are designed to deter nest predation by gulls. Federally and State Endangered Roseate Terns are colonial nesters and Falkner Island is one of the largest colonies in the northeast United States.

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While waiting for the terns to come back to Falkner Island we found an American Oystercatcher nest between three Roseate Tern nest boxes. The adults take turns incubating the eggs.

The two oystercatcher chicks hatched on Monday, May 15. After a day of getting stable on their legs, the adults have led them from the nest closer to the shore where they can learn how to find food.

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The Falkner Island Tern camera is a partnership with Menunkatuck Audubon Society, McKinney NWR, and the Faulkner’s Island Light Brigade, with funding from the Guilford Foundation.

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