West River Memorial Park Osprey Camera

The Osprey camera at West River Memorial Park in New Haven was made possible by a grant fromwatershed-fund

This is a wild Osprey nest and anything can happen. While we hope that healthy Osprey chicks will end up fledging from the nest this summer, things like sibling rivalry, predators, and natural disaster can affect this Osprey family and may be difficult to watch. As hard as it may be to see anything happen to our Osprey, we will let nature take its course and not intervene.

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It’s time for I Spy an Chick. We have a chick. However, be the first person to report a second chick hatching and win a prize. (Prizes will be available at our next public meeting.)
Email Lorrie at lorrie@menunkatuck.org with the day/time.
If you see something else that is interesting, let us know.

New this year we have infrared night light so that nighttime activity can be seen.

Photo archiveVideo archives – 2017 / 2016

Ospreys have been nesting on this platform in the West River Memorial Park for many years.They generally return from their winter homes in South America during the third week in March. After rebuilding their nest they will start raising a new family.

Menunkatuck’s Osprey camera is a collaborative project with the New Haven Parks, Recreation, and Trees Department, New Haven Public Schools, Barnard Nature Center, and Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School.


West River Memorial Park Osprey Camera — 8 Comments

  1. Making a comment to test the system. Camera system was greatly appreciated last year and looking forward to the infrared improvement this year.

  2. We do believe she is sitting on an egg as of today 4/19/17….sometime around 1:30 she appeared agitated, was bowling out the nest and seeming to be ready to lay the egg. Since then she has been seen in an incubation posture and appeared to be egg rolling at one point. The nest is much deeper this year than last year so it is much more difficult to see inside the nest.

  3. I just had a report that we have a chick on the nest (5-29-17)
    anyone have confirmation?

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