Project Squirrel

project-squirrel-smNo matter where you live, city or suburb, from the Midwest to the East Coast, Canada to California, whether squirrels live in your neighborhood or not, you are encouraged to become a squirrel monitor.Squirrels are useful organisms to study because they are active during the day and everyone has an opinion about them. Additionally, squirrels can be important indicators of local ecology because they are resident in small territories and active year round, they require a range of resources that are also important to many other urban animals, and their populations rise and fall with the same predators and environmental conditions that affect our neighborhood wildlife.

gray-squirrel-smWhat to do:  Take a look around your home, office, school, or anywhere you are and, whether you see squirrels or not, visit and click on the green button to submit your observations.  We want to know where squirrels are as well as where they aren’t.

How often:  You can submit as many observations from as many places as you like.  It’s most effective to submit at least one observation per site per season but the more observations the better.

Who:  Anyone of any age can participate.  Make it an office game or a classroom project, compare notes with friends in other states, get your family involved—everyone can observe nature.

For complete details, visit