eBirding New Haven Area Urban Oases

urban-oasisAs part of the New Haven Harbor Urban Refuge Partnership, habitat improvements are taking place at New Haven parks, schools and other urban green spaces.  Native trees, shrubs, and flowers have been planted to provide cover, food, and habitat for wildlife and a place to learn, relax, and connect with nature for people. Audubon Connecticut is looking for help monitoring birds at these Urban Oases to determine whether habitat restoration is working.

How you can help:

Visit an Urban Oases and keep a record of all the birds of each species you see. Then submit your observations for just the urban oases to eBird.org. Directions to the Urban Oases are here.

  • What to bring: binoculars, a field guide or bird identification app, appropriate clothing based on the weather, and your phone.
  • When you arrive at the site, record the date and time.
  • Mornings, particularly in April – May and August – October when migrating songbirds are passing through Connecticut, are recommended.
  • Plan on spending at least five minutes at the site, giving birds’ time to adjust to your presence.
  • Records the number of birds of each species that you see. Make a note if a bird is flying over (f/o) the site versus foraging in the vegetation.
  • You can count birds at just one or several Urban Oases and make as many visits as time permits.
Urban Oases Sites Points Map

New Haven Area Urban Oases

Entering Your Observations into eBird:

  1. Go to: ebird.org and click on Submit Observations.
  2. You will need to set up an account if you do not already have one.
  3. The first time you enter data for an Urban Oases you will need to Find it on a Map. After that, the site will appear under: Choose from your Locations.
  4. Enter: New Haven in the box beneath Find it on a Map. Then enter the name of the park in the Zoom to box and hit return.
  5. You will see a map of the park. Click on the marker icons until you find the Urban Oases, then click: Continue.
  6. Select: Stationary as the Observation Type, then fill out the date, time, duration, and party size for your visit to the Urban Oases. Click: Continue.
  7. Now you will enter the number of birds that you saw of each species. If you saw a sparrow, woodpecker, warbler, or blackbird, but were unable to identify it, you can enter a number under sparrow sp., woodpecker sp., etc.
  8. If a bird flew over the site, click add details and write: flyover.
  9. If you feel that you identified all the birds that you saw at the Urban Oases, click “Yes” indicating that you are submitting a complete checklist. Then click Submit.

Thank you for helping monitor birds at the New Haven Harbor Watershed Urban Oases!