Landlords Wanted

Purple Martin Landlords are Wanted. 

We have a select number of Purple Martin units at the Guilford Salt Meadow Sanctuary available for you to be the proud landlord of this season. For your $30.00 donation you will get weekly email updates on the happenings in your unit. You will get the apartment number and the location of your property. You will be able to visit as often as you like and may have the opportunity to help change out nesting and or banding. Remember, there are no guarantees that every compartment will become an active nest, but we have a fabulous success rate.

  • Birthday gift
  • Happy Spring
  • Great for the bird lovers or junior naturalist

We will even make you a certificate you can print out identifying the name of the landlord and box number.

For more information about Guilford Sanctuary landlords contact


Or use PayPal to become a landlord.

Become a Purple Martin Landlord.

Terry Shaw photos