Project Limulus Volunteer Information

Project Limulus horseshoe crab survey

Project Limulus horseshoe crab survey

We will meet at Daniel Ave. Beach, Indian Cove, Guilford.

See Spawning Survey Schedule.

Bring a flash light or headlamp at night. Wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothes. Your feet will probably get wet. The survey usually takes about an hour. Waders are ideal but not necessary.

No training is necessary ahead of time, we will show you what to do.

Please note: we were only given 50 tags this year. We will not be tagging every crab, The SURVEY is critical, not the tagging.

Directions to the beach:

Take Rt. 146 to Mulberry Point Rd. Turn south onto Mulberry Point Rd. Continue for about a mile until you come to a Y-fork. Keep to the right. The beach is on the left and the parking area is across from it.

Contact Information
Email –

Surveys will begin promptly at the time shown on the schedule.

Please arrive at the beach 10 minutes early.

Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to attend a session.

Thanks so much for your help,

Deanna Broderick, Menunkatuck Audubon

Project Limulus Spawning Survey Schedule for 2018

DayDateMoon PhaseDay TideNight Tide
Friday11-MayNew Moon8:37 A.M9:00 P.M
Sunday13-MayNew Moon10:15 A.M.10:30 P.M.
Tuesday15-MayNew Moon11:48 A.M.No Survey
Thursday17-MayNew Moon1:26 P.M.No Survey
Saturday26-MayFull Moon9:35 A.M9:54 P.M.
Monday28-MayFull Moon11:10 A.M.11:22 P.M.
Wednesday30-MayFull Moon12:35 P.M.No Survey
Friday1-JunFull Moon1:56 P.M.1:22 A.M.
Sunday10-JunNew Moon8:50 A.M.9:07 P.M.
Tuesday12-JunNew Moon10:34 A.M.10:47 P.M.
Thursday14-JunNew Moon12:17 P.MNo Survey
Sunday17-JunNew Moon2:57 P.M.No Survey
Sunday24-JunFull Moon9:12 A.M.9:29 P.M.
Tuesday26-JunFull Moon10:48 A.M.10:58 P.M.
Thursday28-JunFull Moon12:12 P.M.No Survey