Award:  $1000, limited for room and board; tuition; books; other school supplies; and food.

The goal of the Menunkatuck Audubon Society Scholarship is to find students from our local communities who have demonstrated a significant interest in nature conservation, and to contribute to their further development on the subject through higher learning.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership in the area of conservation both in and out of school  which would merit a financial award directed toward their continued education.

Although GPA and other academic achievements will be considered in each application, many other attributes including real life experience will play a major role in determining who is deserving of such award. We encourage all prospective or current college students who have a particular interest in a conservation related field to apply.

Deadline and Decision

Applications must be completed and turned in by March 2, 2018. The winner will be announced no later than the first Friday of May. He or she will receive a check for $1000 at the start of their next semester.


At the time of application, the applicant must be:

  • At least 17 years of age.
  • A native of any of Menunkatuck Audubon Society’s six chapter towns or a college student residing in New Haven County.
  • A prospective or current undergraduate or graduate college student.

At the time of receipt of the scholarship, the recipient must show proof of enrollment for the next semester.

Limits for Past Applicants and Recipients

We will allow one application per person each year. There will be no limit to the number of times one person can apply. Past recipients of the Menunkatuck Scholarship may also apply and be awarded multiple times, with no limitation to the maximum number of awards, as long as he or she is still attending school full time.

How to Apply

The applicant must provide the following:

  1. A completed Menunkatuck Audubon Society Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Certified academic transcript.
  3. Proof of application to or enrollment in an accredited university.
  4. Three letters of recommendation, with no more than one from a family member.
  5. Resume.
  6. A personal statement not exceeding 1000 words, and completed solely by the applicant.
  7. A passport size photo clipped to the front of your packet.

Download Information Packet.

Download fillable Application Form.