Falkner Island Camera Videos

Dinner is delivered – July 5

Oystercatcher chick foraging – June 10

Oystercatcher Chick taking a bath – June 10

Roseate Tern nest boxes – June 10

Roseate Tern with an egg – May 29

Oystercatcher chicks are growing – May 29

RoseateTerns choosing their nest boxes – May 25

Ruddy Turnstone taking a stroll along the stony beach – May 25

Roseate Terns inspecting a nest box – May 23

American Oystercatcher chicks strengthening their legs – May 16

Newly hatched American Oystercatcher chick wants to get back under his parent on a very windy day – May 15

American Oystercatcher parents with chicks – May 15

Newly hatched oystercatcher chick with parents – May 15

Changing of the guard – April 22

Beautiful American Oystercatcher on the tern cam  – April 18

“Get off this rock!”

One of those days…

Seal wants to join his pals and they aren’t all happy

Seal hauls himself up to join the others

Aerobics Class

Flapping flipper

Seals in snow

Five seals

Seal trying to climb on rock

More seals

Brant strolling ashore


Seals of Falkner Island

In winter seals frequently can be found on the rocks around Falkner Island. These harbor seals found that two is company but three was a crowd.