Hammonasset Osprey Camera

The Osprey camera at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison was made possible by
Ted Williams
and a grant from the
French Foundation
in collaboration with the
Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection,
Meigs Point Nature Center,
and the
Friends of Hammonasset.

This is a wild Osprey nest and anything can happen. While we hope that healthy Osprey chicks will end up fledging from the nest this summer, things like sibling rivalry, predators, and natural disaster can affect this Osprey family and may be difficult to watch. As hard as it may be to see anything happen to our Osprey, we will let nature take its course and not intervene.

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The Osprey camera is located just west of the Meigs Point Nature Center.

We use infrared light for nighttime viewing. Infrared is not visible to the Ospreys or to humans, however, the video camera can capture the images.

After the gulls stole the eggs on May 4, the Osprey pair waited till June 1 and 4 to lay new eggs,  We now have two eggs that hopefully will hatch around July 12.    

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Hammonasset Osprey Camera Videos

It appears that the Osprey pair are inexperienced at nesting. They did not do the nest building that is typical of an Osprey pair that is getting ready to breed. They also left the eggs unguarded for extended periods of time. The result has been that the nest has been raided by a pair of Herring Gulls. 


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Hammonasset Osprey Camera — 224 Comments

  1. I sat on the edge of my seat this morning around 7:10 am watching the egg that was left unattended in the nest. Thankfully all was well when Dad returned…..

  2. There’s an egg! Is it possible this was last year’s pair who possibly ousted the inexperienced pair?

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