The Chapter serves the towns of Madison, Guilford, Branford, East Haven, New Haven, and West Haven, Connecticut.

Christmas Bird Count

CBC-LogoMenunkatuck will conduct its first Christmas Bird Count this year. Audubon’s early-winter bird census has been going on since 1900 and the data gathered has been used to assess the health of bird populations and to help guide conservation action. The Menunkatuck CBC will take place on Saturday, January 2, 2016.

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Audubon Bird Guide App, Now Free

AudubonApp_ECards_1_0The Audubon Bird Guide is the must-have app for anyone interested in birds. This award-winning app instantly turns your mobile device into the most trusted field guide in North America.

  • 821 in-depth species profiles
  • More than 3,200 bird photos
  • Quick bird IDs with filters by shape, region and color
  • Thousands of bird calls, differentiated by region and season
  • Seasonal and migratory range maps
  • Recent local bird sightings through eBird
  • Sightings posted by Audubon NatureShare friends and followers

So what are you waiting for? Download the Audubon Bird Guide and get birding!

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Osprey Platforms Are Collapsing – What We’re Doing About It

We’re doing a survey of the location and condition of osprey platforms in our Chapter area.

Guilford platform downWhy are we doing this?

Three osprey platforms in our Chapter area have collapsed in the last three years. In June, 2011, one along the Branford Trolley Trail fell when the hardware holding its supports rusted through. The nest was swept away in the tide and the two chicks were lost. In January, 2012, another platform in the Neck River marsh in Madison had so much nest material on its platform that it became top heavy and was close to falling. We were able to remove most of it and get the pole upright once again. Later in 2012 another platform fell because of rusted hardware. There are two platforms near the mouth of the West River in Guilford that from a distance appear to be fragile.

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What to Do with Injured Wildlife

Injured Red-tailed Hawk

Birds like this Red-tailed Hawk with a partial wing cannot be released, but can serve educational purposes. A Place Called Hope offers educational programs with some of its non-releasable birds.

In the Menunkatuck Chapter area there are two wild bird rehabilitation centers, A Place Called Hope in Killingworth and Like a Feather in Guilford.

A Place Called Hope specializes in raptor rehabilitation. Call or text Christine Cummings (203-804-3452 for wildlife emergencies and rescues; call Grace Krick, 860-575-9791, for wildlife emergencies; or call or text Todd Secki, 203-214-2846, for wildlife emergencies, rescues, re-nestings, If you cannot reach them right away, please leave each number a message so that they may return your call as soon as time permits.  Please do not email them with wildlife emergencies; call or text.

Like a Feather takes in small birds and waterfowl. Call Bonnie Alexander, 203-640-5503 to report injured birds.

To find a rehabilitator in other areas of Connecticut or for mammals and amphibians, check the DEEP list of volunteer rahabilitators.

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Volunteers Needed

Menunkatuck Audubon is looking for volunteers. We have open positions and could use your help. Give us a hand in one of the following areas. Contact president@menunkatuck.org for more information.

Manage nest boxes. We have many locations where we would like to put in nest boxes for Tree Swallows, Bluebirds, Purple Martins, Kestrels, and other birds. We need someone to monitor these boxes for activity in the spring and clean them out in the fall. Some training is necessary and will be given.

Lead a field walk. Do you bird the Trolly Trail every week? Or visit Hammonasset or the Timberlands? Enjoy the company of other birders and increase Menunkatuck’s presence in the community.

Become a Board member. We are always looking for new Board members. If you want to get a feel for what happens at Board meetings, join us at 7 p.m. at the Guilford Community Center on the fourth Wednesday of the month (except July).

Help with fundraising and marketing. If you have talent of knowledge in either of there areas, we need to hear from you!