Falkner Island off the coast of Guilford, CT is a unit of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge and a designated Important Bird Area. Because of Falkner Island’s sensitivity as the eighth largest Roseate Tern colony site in the northeast U.S. and as the host for 90% of Connecticut’s nesting Common Terns, the island is closed to visitors except for a few days in the fall. Roseate Terns are listed as Endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In order to provide viewers throughout the world the opportunity to visit Falkner Island and get a glimpse of the intimate details of these nesting birds, Menunkatuck Audubon Society has two cameras streaming live from Falkner Island. One camera is on the north end and the other on the south. Additionally, during winter viewers are able to watch harbor seals that often haul out on the island.


The official name of the island is spelled Falkner. In the 1800s it was Faulkners Island. In 1891 the U.S.Board of Geographic Names established its name as Falkner Island. The Faulkner’s Island Light Brigade uses a version of the old spelling.