Osprey, American Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Purple Martins, Barn Owls , Chimney Swifts, and many other species of birds can be given a better chance to survive and thrive through a little assistance from structour nest boxesures we build—birdhouses, roosting towers, and nest platforms. For some species, especially cavity nesters these structures tip the scales back in their favor, reducing declines in populations and restoring species to places they once inhabited.

Menunkatuck maintains nest boxes for several species of cavity nesters.

  • Tree Swallows - Madison, Guilford, New Haven

  • Purple Martins - Madison, Guilford, New Haven

  • Eastern Bluebirds - Guilford

  • American Kestrels - Guilford

  • Barn Owls - Guilford, Madison, Killingworth

  • Wood Ducks, Guilford

More than 75 Osprey platforms have been installed along the Connecticut coast from Greenwich to Stonington.

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