Menunkatuck adopts Strategic Plan

At its June, 2019 meeting the Menunkatuck board adopted a five year Strategic Plan to direct its activities through 2023. After a year’s study and discussion, the plan outlines strategic priorities in areas for Conservation, Capacity, and Education.


  • Coasts
    As a chapter along the Long Island Sound coast, Menunkatuck should be fully engaged in the conservation of the birds that migrate, breed, or winter in the Sound and its adjacent areas.

  • Bird-Friendly Communities
    As part of the northeast megalopolis, Menunkatuck should mitigate the problems that birds of the Atlantic Flyway face in their efforts to migrate, breed, and winter. Loss of breeding habitat, especially for cavity-nesting birds; the danger of window strikes during all seasons; and the lack of sufficient food, especially during migration and breeding all deserve our attention.


  • Membership
    With three new towns being added to the chapter area, Menunkatuck should integrate members in Orange, Woodbridge, and North Branford into chapter activities and projects. Achieving our conservation goals requires that we represent our entire community including our urban areas and young people.

  • Finance
    After completing the majority of Osprey platform replacements and with extensive streaming video Menunkatuck has exhausted two major revenue streams. We should keep or increase the current level of member donations to the annual appeal and purchases from the plant sale.

  • Board Development
    The strength of Menunkatuck depends on a board committed to maintaining its strength by seeking new directors to bring fresh ideas.

  • Partnership
    One of the most productive ways to increase our capacity is the partnerships that we develop.


  • Community Science
    Education and decision making must be based on a sound scientific basis. We should use our membership of over 700 and 200 other interested individuals to recruit community science participants.

  • Community Education
    Menunkatuck should use its local presence to provide a wide array of community education opportunities.

  • Advocacy
    Menunkatuck should use its role as part of the Audubon network and its respected position in the community to advocate for policies for the conservation of birds and other wildlife and the restoration and preservation of their habitats.

Read the Strategic Plan here.

Bin Building Party

What's a Bin Building Party, you might ask? Good question! It's when concerned citizens and nature lovers - birders, anglers, plastic clean-up and wildlife enthusiasts - get together to help a coalition of Connecticut organizations build Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling Bins that will be deployed around the Greater New Haven Area in order to help protect and conserve bird and wildlife populations.

We received grants from the Connecticut Ornithological Association and the Society of Women Environmental Professionals to make this project a reality. Come out Sunday, June 30 from 10:00 to 1:00 to the Barnard Nature Center on the West River to help us build the bins! We would be so grateful and honored to have you there! Refreshments will be provided!

If you have questions, please email Robin Ladouceur.

Why are we doing this?

This project has been in the making since December, 2018. However, we have fresh evidence of the need to get fishing line out of the environment. In the last week Terry, Ed, and Deanna have rescued two Osprey that became entangled in fishing line.

The first was in Madison.

The second was in Guilford.

Both birds were brought to A Place Called Hope for evaluation and rehabilitation.

Welcome to our new website.

We have moved our website to a new host that we anticipate will provide a better experience for visitors with an easier navigation and faster page loading.

Some of the features are

  • a home page with links to our bird cameras and some of the more popular pages.

  • a news section to keep you up to date with important information.

  • a section dedicated to information about the birds with which we work.

Some additional features will be added in the coming weeks.

Special thanks are due to Terry Shaw, Deanna Broderick, and Ed Haesche for many of the photos.

Let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback.