Since 1991 Menunkatuck Audubon has been installing Osprey platforms along the Connecticut shore. We started by putting up three Sanibel tripod platforms at Hammonasset Beach State Park. The legs were 20-foot 4X4s held in place with 2X4s. Wire mesh served as the nest platform. Immediately Ospreys began using their new homes to the delight of park visitors.

The height and design of the tripods made it difficult to get to the nests to remove plastic bags, fishing line, balloons, and other trash with which Ospreys decorate them and the weight of several years of nesting material began to weaken the legs.

Then Menunkatuck Conservation chair John Picard designed a new platform made of Atlantic white cedar. A 16-foot 6X6 post was sunk four feet into the marsh leaving a manageable height of 12 feet. Stainless steel hardware was used throughout. Four sturdy braces were used to support the platform.

The Sanibel tripods were replaced by the new design and two additional platforms were installed in the park. All were immediately occupied by the growing Connecticut Osprey population.

In 2014 has been installing new and replacement Osprey platforms from Greenwich to Stonington for local land trusts, towns, CT DEEP, and private land owners. Terry Shaw made modifications to the Picard design using a less expensive 4X4 post and without the perch extensions and has led a dedicated team that has installed more than 75 new and replacement platforms.

Osprey platform installation photo gallery.

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Osprey Platform Installation Guide

Menunkatuck has been installing Osprey platforms of this basic design since 2005. The construction techniques have been modified over the years to simplify the pre-build and the installation on site. Two people can do the installation.With five or six the time will be less.