Community science is the involvement of the public in scientific field work to address real-world problems by collecting data and reporting it to professional scientists who are thereby able to gather much larger data sets .


Christmas Bird Count

Since the Christmas Bird count began over a century ago, it has relied on the dedication and commitment of volunteers like you to gather data on winter bird populations.

Menunkatuck’s Christmas Bird Count is on the last Saturday of the annual December 15- January 5 count period.

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Project Limulus

Project Limulus is a horseshoe crab research project that relies heavily on data gathered from physically tagging and recapturing animals. Menunkatuck has partnered with Sacred Heart University researchers to survey the shoreline east of New Haven.

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Bird Safe Building Survey

Birds face innumerable threats in our human built environment and our glass surfaces are one of the biggest.

To determine the extent of the problem in our area we have started a survey of where dead and injured birds are found.

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Marsh Migration Survey

Climate change and sea level rise are going to have a major impact on our shoreline/coastal ecology. This project will utilize community science collected data about coastal marsh vegetation, wildlife, and bird communities in Guilford’s East Rive marsh.

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Hummingbirds at Home

In this family-friendly program, participants log hummingbird sightings and the flowering plants or feeders they visit with free mobile technology or on desktop computers.

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