West RIver Memorial Park - bugs, bugs, bugs!

There are bugs EVERYWHERE! ... And it is nothing short of AMAZING! This is a success story from the urban wilds of New Haven, CT. That’s what the photos show - SUCCESS - an abundance of insects, and especially pollinators, visiting and nectaring on every last flowering plant at The West River Memorial Park’s Barnard Nature Center Urban Oasis. Many species of bees, hover flies, butterflies, wasps, and dragonflies are quite literally everywhere you look! This is what controlling invasive plants while reintroducing a diverse array of true native plants can do: 1)restore an ecosystem, 2)mitigate against the ongoing insect apocalypse, and 3)feed birds as well as myriad other species.

This story of success is due to the efforts of many New Haven residents and members of the Menunkatuck Audubon Society: Dennis Riordan, Peter Davis, Lesley Orlowski, Ranger Harry Coyle, and David, Jesse, Harry, Noah, and Tammy from Benhaven. You have done so much good here!

Come and see this brilliant Urban Oasis before the late summer/early fall effects wane!

And a big resounding thank you to Doug Tallamy and his books, like Bringing Nature Home, for the endless inspiration for our mission - to conserve nature, restore habitats, educate the public, and advocate on behalf of birds and all the species upon which they depend.

Story and photos: Robin Ladouceur

[Funding support for the native plants is from Audubon’s Coleman and Susan Burke Center for Native Plants, Audubon Connecticut’s Important Bird Area Grant Program, and Menunkatuck members.]